Mom Confessions: Am I Holding My Kid Back?

Sometimes, I feel like the world’s least supportive mom.  No, really.  It’s time for another of my Mom Confessions. Okay, so here’s the deal:  Yesterday, Maddie and I are walking home from school, and she’s all excited because there’s going to be an all-school talent show, and she’s going to try out and play the(…)

Beyond “Sisterhood”:  5 OTHER Things I Hope Frozen Teaches My Daughters

Beyond “Sisterhood”: 5 OTHER Things I Hope Frozen Teaches My Daughters

So, yeah, I’m jumping on the Frozen bandwagon–my apologies in advance.  Like almost every other little girl in America, the girls have been watching little else lately (Well, except for Jake and the Neverland Pirates because it is sacred, and I think Maddie is legit crushing on a cartoon character), and I’ve had a lot of time(…)

Foooooled You! (Or Why We Do not Play April Fools Pranks on Small Children)

For starters, you should just know that I haven’t been sleeping well (again) lately, but last night, I finally took Jon’s advice that between the allergies and the insomnia, I should just take a Benedryl and go to bed, and I slept gloriously.  Unfortunately, I was awakened (permanently*) at about 6:15 by yelling and crying(…)

Running to Hip-Hop: My “Fourth” Impressions

Remember when I said I was running to hip-hop and I was sort of ashamed of it but it kept me motivated but I still had feelings and thoughts and I was going to share them?  Remember?  Well, I guess I’m going to do that here.  I’m hesitant to write this post because while I(…)