The Minnesota Files: Day 2 of Family Vacay 2015

Night two was much smoother, in terms of sleeping and going to sleep, so we all woke Sunday morning feeling more or less refreshed and ready to get going.  Jon, who is always researching other things to see and do (seriously, I feel like I’m lucky he didn’t re-plan the entire trip once we got up there,(…)

The Minnesota Files: Day 1 of Family Vacay 2015

To begin, obviously, we made it home.  We’re back in Kansas, in one piece, and most of the laundry is done.  How did it go?  Hmmm… Okay, here’s the thing I realized about day three of our 5.5 day venture, my vacation epiphany, if you will:  You cannot view and experience traveling with small children the(…)

Let It Go:  The Gabbie Remix

Let It Go: The Gabbie Remix

This is a really short one, but every time it happens I keep thinking I need to share, and then I forget: Whenever we hear “Let It Go” (which is A LOT, too much, deargodwillElsapleasegetoveritalready), Gabbie says “Elsa’s gonna sing about my daddy!  My daddy’s name!” Because: Enunciation never bothered her anyway.

Family Road-Trip Mantra: Sure, It’s Vacation(!)

I have a confession:  I am not a particularly spontaneous person.  To those of you who know me well, this will not come as a shock, but to those who only know me somewhat well or slightly (or not at all since this is the internet), it may at times seem that I am spotaneous.  “What(…)

Picking Up Where We Left Off

So…  Over two months.  Yep.  Let me just say that there were plenty of times when I thought about writing, and plenty of topics that certainly could have been blog posts (the Kansas budget, the Kansas sales-tax hike, the current terribleness of all things Kansas, Gov. Brownback’s incredible ineptitude, the awesomeness that has recently been SCOTUS, the horribleness(…)