Parenting: That Moment When It All Pays Off

So, Tuesday evening, Jon had some “continuing education” that involved him hanging out at Boulevard Brewing, drinking beer, and watching the Royals game.  Yes, he really will be getting credit toward his license for doing this.  No, I do not understand why he’s a credentialed professional either…  Anyway, the unfairness and disparity that runs rampant(…)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (Toddler-Style)

I feel pretty confident that most of you have at least heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  (Just in case, the Mayo Clinic defines it as follows:  Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons.)  I don’t personally suffer from SAD (unless you count my burning rage for temperatures over(…)

Stereotypical Angry Female: Being a Woman Sometimes Pisses Me Off

I feel that first I must confess that I have been trying like mad NOT to write this post.*  It’s part of the reason I haven’t written in 2+ weeks.  Every time I think about blogging, I think about this post, and then I try to think of something else to write about–something that’s not(…)

Girl Talk: On Mothering Girls and My Own Linguistics

This idea has been kicking around in my head for a while (keeping company with “why must everyone on the internet have an opinion about everything?” and “do we have enough cat food to get through the week?”), and it’s been a while since I clambered atop my soap box, so I thought I’d give(…)