“Princess” Is NOT a Viable Career Option

Le sigh.  Upfront?  I’m about to read way to much into something AGAIN.  It’s just…  Well, here: Gabbie, dragging one of Jon’s OD school text books into the living room: I’m going to weed dis book. Me: Cool, go for it. Gabbie (flips through pages for about thirty seconds): Okay, I’m awl done. Me: Awesome.  So(…)

Lost Teeth and Other Stories

Well, I already totally broke that New Year’s resolution, huh?  Sigh.  I’m trying really, really hard to feel very, very guilty about it, but…no.  Not working.  I’ve been quite busy planning trips and organizing the girls’ stuff for Valentine’s Day and generally trying not to lose my mind, so there just wasn’t time.  However, as(…)

Unloved in Olathe (Translation: Toddlers Are Mean)

This morning, Gabbie was in a bit of a mood.  It could be that she got up way to early*, it could be that no one would give her more breakfast after she’d already eaten an entire banana and an adult-sized bowl of oatmeal, it could be that she’d just gotten roundly scolded by both(…)

Potty Training (and Why It Majorly Sucks Butt…)

I feel that I’ve alluded to this on here, but we’re going through the whole potty training thing with Miss Gabbie…still.  We initially tried, wow, about seven months ago?  But that was totally a non-starter because she first time she actually pooped in the toilet, it scared the crap out of her (possibly literally), and(…)